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A Professional Director of Photography

Welcome to my site. You can watch clips of my work, learn about the projects I've worked on , and find out more about my sources of inspiration.

I'm atypical of most DPs. The Moment I capture means more to me than the gear I use. I shoot with my heart just as much as my eyes. My life has pushed me into the role of a Creative Director; 

I'll contribute and conceptualize in every way imaginable to make certain the Story comes through. 

Contact me with questions or if you're interested in collaboration.

My Work / My Vision / My Life

I'm so fortunate to be able to do what I do. I've experienced moments that shook me to my core, reeling from the resonance of the impact. 

I've laughed, cried, raged, and strived for life to mean the most it could to me. All of who I am and what I do needs to come out in the work. 

Every opportunity to connect is crucial. Every moment is the one. 





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