• Blake Nolan Brown

take two of these and call me in the morning

Morpheus enticing Neo to exercise his free will
"You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."


Choice is quite possibly the greatest challenge any conscious being can face.

I had a girlfriend once who constantly struggled with what she referred to as "Option Paralysis". I'm sure it's a valid and thoroughly researched human phenomenon.

When I'm faced with a decision, and the clock is ticking, and everyone is counting on me, I mostly go with my gut. This is also a valid and thoroughly researched human phenomenon. Read "Blink". Part of the contributing ability to make snap decisions involves me being a Scorpio Rising. It lets me see in to the future and see through people. I could describe it as being objectively certain of discernible outcomes.

Choice though, people. Choice. Having the backbone to turn a project down with no idea whether favorable opportunity would have followed shortly after. Choosing to not connect, holding faith that other connections will be more significant.

Past the point of council, assuring yourself that your convictions are the utmost.

Sometimes I speak in generalities, but it's just that this stuff can be applied to a swathe of experiences. I could spiral off in to any number of metaphor. But I choose not to. I trust you take my meaning.

I'm trying to say the most meaningful part. I swear I've read people in academia reiterate the same shit over and over and over and god it's so boring.

Choice has got me staring off in to space, unblinking and ever-thinking.

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